Alternative Therapies Do They Work

I don’t understand the medical communities dismissal of alternative therapies. After all, many of these treatments have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. It seems arrogant and short sighted to throw away that kind of experience.

There are doctors who say that there is no proof that these alternative treatments work. But can we believe that? After all, who is performing these tests? More often than not it’s the pharmaceutical companies that are running these ‘studies’.

You have to ask yourself if they would even publish findings that supported the effectiveness of a drug that they didn’t own the rights to manufacture.

With the recent slew of drug recalls, drugs that were originally approved by the FDA, more people seem to be looking for more natural relief, and prevention of illnesses.

The greed of the pharmaceutical companies has even gotten so bad that they are trying to lobby Congress to pass a law requiring prescriptions for all medications, including over the counter, and vitamins.

Can you imagine having to go to your doctor to get a prescription to pick up some One A Day vitamins?

The good news is this negative view of alternative treatments is starting to shift. More and more doctors are starting to recognize the value of a multi pronged system to treat their patients. They are more willing to incorporate natural cures as well as spiritual aspects into their treatment plans.

But again the question is, do alternative treatments work? The answer is, yes, they do. And often with far fewer side effects than their man made counterparts.

Now I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t consult a medical professional if you are ill, particularly if you have a serious illness. But I do think it’s wise to keep an open mind and strongly encourage your doctor to seriously consider other forms of treatments, more holistic approaches.

Many people are fearful of making their doctor mad, or offending them, and they don’t speak up and ask questions. The thing you need to remember is that a doctor, no matter how much you like or trust them, is still only human. They can be set in their ways, and yes, they can even be wrong.

Don’t be intimidated to talk to your doctor about alternative therapies for the treatment and prevention of illness. After all, he works for you, not the other way around. And your health is far more important than protecting your doctors ego.