Advertising on is an advertising-financed music platform.

So there is no premium function or other paid subscription for the user.

Of course, the operation costs (server costs / staff / music licenses / software development).

To cover these costs and to be able to further develop

We offer sponsors and partners advertising space on our website.

The following forms of advertising can be booked at the moment

– Direct booking of text image and video ads that are indexed directly into the page natively.

For example:

Sponsored Page Ads :

The sponsor gets a subpage on which he can introduce himself with pictures / videos and a description. This type of advertising can then be there for life.

Text link ads :

As the name suggests, a text link with a description on the page.

Banner ads :

Advertising graphics based advertising.

Video ads :

We can show short videos natively directly to the user on the page. Or, for example, be loaded externally. For example your 2 hour Video from Youtube.

If you would like to advertise directly on,

simply contact Sponsor

Paying or donating is easy via Paypal.