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Welcome to HasenChat Music

The New Dance and Hip Hop Label.

This Site is Localized for USA Canada Mexico plus America and is in English. So you get Infos about Local Topics. To get Global Infos in English visit HasenChat Global or if you can German you can go to HasenChat Music Germany.

We make Music in the Style of
Asian Music, Dance, Dubstep, EDM, Electro, Espanol, Hardcore, Hip Hop and Rap, Minimal, Music for Sport, Pop, Rock, Techno, Trance, House, Chillout.
Instrumentals or with Male and Female Vocals

The HasenChat Main Studio is in Knetzgau Germany. The Job of the USA Part of HasenChat Music is to make Music and Videos inside the Usa . Sell Music on the US and English Market.

– For Privat Support and Contact you neat to E-Mail or Phone the German Team.

HasenChat Music USA

Hasenchat Music Albums 2018

Rise and Fall
Valentines Day – Love Box
Angel of Love

Hasenchat Music Albums 2017

Without Vocals
Norbert Reinwand – Shuffle Dance
Norbert Reinwand – The Album

Hasenchat Music Albums 2016

New York Club EDM
Halloween Party – Episode 3
Mallorca Club EDM
The Netherlands Club EDM
Italy Club EDM
Rock and Pop
Russia Club EDM
Paris Club EDM
London Club EDM
Rap and Hip Hop 12

Hasenchat Music Albums 2015

Miami Club EDM
Techno Trax 7
Made in Bavaria
Berlin Club EDM
the Mystery of Woman
Rap and Hip Hop Episode 11
Music Inside
Techno Trax Episode 6
Ibiza Club EDM
Techno Trax – Episode 5
Techno Trax – Episode 4
Techno Trax – Episode 3
Techno Trax – Episode 2
Minimal House Trax
Techno Trax
Be Unique
Vocal House 20
Music for Sport 6
Rap and Hip Hop 10
Girl Power

Hasenchat Music Albums 2014

Vocal House 19
Background Music
Made in Japan
Vocal House 18
German House Bunnies – I Love House Music
Vocal House 17
Vocal House 16
Dubstep Music ( Episode 3 )
Made in UK
Halloween Party ( Episode 2 )
Morning Glory
Espanol Dance
Vocal House 15
Made in USA
Made in Germany
Rap and Hip Hop 9
Instrumental Club Music
Chill Out – Episode 3
Club Tools
Vocal House 14
Vocal House 13
Female Vocal 9
Instrumental Pop
Music for Sport 5 – House Music Edition
Dubstep Music – Episode 2
Vocal House Episode 12
Music for Sport 4 – Pop Edition
Hardcore Music One
Rap and Hip Hop 8
Asian Music
Vocal House Eleven
Trance Music One
Dubstep Music One
Dance Songs 2014
Music for Sport 2 – Hip Hop Edition
Music for Sport 3 – Ambient Edition
Pop Music 1
Music for Sport 1
Vocal House 10
Vocal House 9
Rap and Hip Hop 7

Hasenchat Music Albums 2013

Bollywood Hills – The Album
Vocal House 8
Vocal House 7
EuroDance 2014
Winter of Love
Halloween Party
Rap and Hip Hop 6
Vocal House 6
Chill Out 2
Female Vocal 8
Man at Work
Rap and Hip Hop 5
Vocal House 5
Party Crasher
Rap and Hip Hop 4 – Female Edition
Vocal House Episode 4
Female Vocal 7
Summer of Love
Angie Brown
Vocal House Episode 3
Vocal House Episode 2
Vocal House Episode 1
Female Vocal 6
Hollywood Raps 2
Hollywood Raps 1
Rap and Hip Hop 3
Rap and Hip Hop 2
Female Vocal 5

Hasenchat Music Albums 2012

Rap and Hip Hop
Female Vocal 4
Chill Out
Female Vocal 3
Female Vocal 2
Female Vocal 1
Dance Songs 5
Dance Songs 4
Dance Songs 3
Dance Songs 2
Dance Songs
Hip Hop and House
The Second Album
Everybody Dance Now

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